“I take an enormous satisfaction watching an idea become a design, this is only surpassed by the reaction of one of our clients showing the same sense of excitement & delight at a sofa we have created for them.”
— Simon Noble

Noble & Jones are Sydney & London based furniture designers, manufacturers & specialist industry consultants. We design & make beautiful sofa’s, chairs, beds & occasional pieces for residential & commercial interior designers, architects, furniture retailers & private clients, we offer a wide range of services, from the design & production of bespoke pieces, engineering & design of product for volume production & of course our own beautiful in house range.

We will often act in the capacity of specialist industry consultants on design, engineering, material specification & design & process improvement for retailers & other manufacturers, these projects sizes can run from a couple of days to 6 months, we have worked with some of the largest retailers & manufacturers Worldwide to improve design & efficiency.

Simon Noble, the founder has over 30 years experience as a furniture producer & designer, working on marque bespoke projects & creating & managing volume production facilities.

Manufacturing companies he has, created, owned & built have produced over 140 million sofas for the retail market in Australia & New Zealand. He has also acted as an adviser to many offshore facilities to improve performance as part of a global supply chain

He is supported by an experienced team of designers, manufacturers & specialists who have worked together for many years. They have won numerous awards for both design & production excellence.

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